The penis comes in different shapes and sizes, but mostly has a mushroom-shaped head. The reasons behind this intriguing biological design provide fascinating insights into evolution and biological competition. A 2003 study by urologist Dr. Anika Ackerman, published in New Scientist magazine, found that this unique shape of the glans functions to scrape out other men’s sperm during intercourse. This increases the chances of fertilization with the man’s own sperm and gives him an advantage in competition.

Sexual Behavior in Nomadic Societies

When nomadic societies are analyzed, it is observed that women often try to have more children by having relationships with more than one man. In this case, there may be more than one male sperm in the vagina, and the mushroom shape of the penis head helps one man’s genes to stand out against the genes of other men.

Functional Tests of Penile Structure

To prove this theory, the researchers conducted experiments by inserting model penises with different protrusions into a fake vagina. The large protruding penis has been shown to be able to remove 90 percent of a starch and water mixture from a vagina with a single thrust. In contrast, penises with less protrusion can only extract 35 percent of the same mixture.

Sexual Pleasure and Evolutionary Adaptation

The mushroom-like shape of the glans also increases friction during intercourse, maximizing sexual pleasure for both men and women. This is an example of evolution aiming not only at survival but also at improving the quality of life.

In conclusion, the mushroom shape of the glans penis is not just a coincidence but an elaborate design with an evolutionary function. This design maximizes competition and sexual satisfaction between males and plays an important role in the survival of the species.

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