Market research company Statcounter‘s latest report sheds light on the competition among operating systems. The report indicates that Windows 11, which will soon turn three years old, has not seen the expected acceptance among users. Currently, the most used operating system on PCs is Windows 10 with 66.1%, while the usage rate of Windows 11 has remained at 29.71%. Although this rate is a historic peak for Windows 11, it shows that it is still not considered a mainstream operating system.

Windows XP’s Surprising Usage Continues!

Windows 11 Has Not Reached Expected Usage Rates

Additionally, Statcounter’s research offers intriguing data on older operating systems. Notably, Windows XP, once indispensable, is still in use with a small rate of 0.39%. The usage rates of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are recorded at 2.95% and 0.4%, respectively.

These data highlight users’ loyalty to older versions and their hesitation to transition to new versions. The research results reveal that changes in usage habits and preferences are progressing slowly. The lack of official usage rate announcements from Microsoft further increases the significance of independent research firms’ data.

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