ChatGPT is known as one of the most popular AI-supported chat bots. However, a serious security vulnerability was recently discovered in its macOS version. This vulnerability allowed third party individuals or organizations to access users’ private chats. According to OpenAI, the security flaw occurred in the version detected on June 25 and was resolved on June 28.

The Number of Users Affected by the Security Vulnerability is Still Unknown

A Major Security Flaw Detected in ChatGPT's macOS Version

The three-day security breach’s impact on the number of users is still unknown. Closing such a vulnerability quickly helped prevent potentially greater damages. OpenAI has announced that it has closed the security breach and taken additional measures to prevent a similar situation from occurring again. However, this incident raises important questions about how software is distributed. ChatGPT is offered through OpenAI’s own website independently of Apple’s App Store, so it did not go through Apple’s individual application review process. This situation could lead to security vulnerabilities being detected later. OpenAI will need to place more emphasis on more control and testing processes to ensure user security.

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