According to Apple’s latest announcements, the App Store is home to 1,870,119 apps as of 2023. Over the last year, 6,892,500 applications were evaluated, of which 1,763,812 were rejected. Those accepted for publication totaled 277,923. In addition, 116,117 apps were removed from the platform for violating App Store terms and conditions. Out of 809 removal requests from Turkey, only 2 apps were deleted at the request of the Turkish government.

788 Million App Downloads Per Week

Apple Announces Turkey Requested Removal of 809 Apps from App Store, Only 2 Removed So Far!

According to Apple, the number of weekly users exceeds 734 million, and these users download apps about 788 million times a week.

Big Steps in the Fight Against Fraud

Apple’s anti-fraud blocking policies prevented losses of 1.8 billion dollars. This data demonstrates Apple’s continuous efforts to ensure user safety and improve platform quality. The fact that the App Store has such a large pool of apps and an effective control mechanism is an important assurance for users and developers.

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