The US-based technology company Apple has come forward with an update that will greatly facilitate game developers. The company has released a new version of the developer tool named Game Porting Toolkit. This new version allows Windows-based games to be compatible not only with macOS but also with iOS.

Game Transfer Tools for iOS and macOS are Evolving

Apple Releases New Version of Game Porting Toolkit: iPhones Can Turn into Game Consoles

The upgraded version named ‘Game Porting Toolkit 2‘ enables developers to now offer games that could previously only be played on computers on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads as well. This is seen as an important step especially for transferring AAA quality games to mobile platforms.

New Games for iPhone and iPad: The Mobile Future of AAA-Quality Games

With this new tool, Apple aims to achieve a more competitive position in the mobile gaming market. Especially on high-end devices such as the iPhone 15 Pro, high-quality games that are already available can reach a broader audience. However, according to previous reports, the download numbers of AAA games on mobile platforms have been below expectations. This situation could cause developers to be hesitant about investing in these platforms.

Developers need to carefully assess the costs and benefits of publishing games for iPhone and iPad. If interest in mobile platforms increases, it is expected that more developers will turn to this area due to this new tool. Apple’s move could open new doors for both developers and gamers.

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