Apple introduced new artificial intelligence features under the name Apple Intelligence at this year’s World Developers Conference (WWDC 2024). These features will be available to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users and promise enhanced user experiences. However, these new technologies also bring concerns about how user data will be collected and protected. Particularly, Elon Musk criticized Apple for integrating OpenAI models into its operating system, stating it could create a significant security risk.

Personal Data to be Processed on Private Servers and Deleted After Completion

Apple Says Personal Data Will Be Protected With New AI Features

Apple has updated its data protection strategies considering users’ privacy concerns. The company announced that the data will be stored in a private cloud and accessed only for performing AI tasks. This means the data will be encrypted and deleted after the processes are completed. The company named this new system ‘Private Cloud Computing‘ and stated that it could be subject to examination by independent security researchers.

Unlike other tech giants such as Google and Meta, Apple adopts a less aggressive approach to collecting and storing user data. Apple’s revenue model being heavily reliant on hardware means less necessity for control and manipulation over data. It is emphasized that AI features will protect users’ private photos, messages, and other sensitive data and will not use this data for malicious purposes.

In conclusion, Apple’s new AI features aim to enrich user experience while offering innovative solutions for privacy and security issues. However, only time will tell how secure and effective these technologies will be in the long run.

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