Tesla‘s electric cars, like the Model Y, rely on a 12-volt battery for basic functions such as doors and windows. In the incident in Arizona, this system caused a serious problem. When the battery completely drained, the doors and windows of the car became inoperative. This resulted in a 20-month-old baby being trapped inside the vehicle in a hot environment. As the outside temperature exceeded 40 degrees Celsius, the situation inside became even more dangerous.

Firefighters Break Window to Rescue Baby

Baby Trapped in a Tesla Model Y with a Drained Battery Rescued

Firefighters quickly arrived at the scene and decided to break the window to resolve the situation. This risky intervention was carried out with care considering the baby’s safety, and the baby was safely rescued. Luckily, the baby’s health was reported to be good.

However, Tesla’s failure to have adequate measures in place to handle such situations has brought criticism. The company’s continued reliance on a 12-volt battery for vehicle interior safety systems increases the risk of similar incidents occurring. It is emphasized that Tesla needs to review its safety protocols and develop alternative solutions to prevent such critical situations. This incident could be a lesson for Tesla and serve as a warning for the company to design more reliable systems in the future.

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