As a pioneer in the electric vehicle revolution in the automotive industry, BMW continues to develop the fully electric version of its M3 model. The German car manufacturer will introduce its next generation electric vehicles on the Neue Klasse platform, and one of the first examples of this platform will be the electric M3 model. Frank van Meel (CEO of BMW’s M division) stated that the vehicle will have independent motors on each wheel, aiming to provide a superior driving experience.

The New Electric BMW M3 Will Show Off Its Power

BMW Makes Ambitious Plans for Electric M3 Model

This new model will have a total power of one megawatt (approximately 1359 horsepower) and will be equipped with a revolutionary battery and cooling system that will transform vehicle dynamics. The 800 volt architecture motors developed by BMW are designed to maximize the vehicle’s performance. Additionally, the vehicle will have a lighter structure and an optional rear-wheel drive version will be offered. This version will have half the number of motors, reducing the power accordingly, but will still offer impressive performance.

The new M3 will hit the market in 2027, while other 3 series models based on the Neue Klasse will be on the roads in 2026. BMW’s new steps seem to heat up the competition in the electric vehicle market. With these innovations, BMW aims to highlight not only performance but also environmental technologies.

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