Togg’s plans to expand into the European market have become clear. This long-awaited step is being welcomed with great curiosity, especially in regions with a large Turkish population in Germany. Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır announced to TRT Haber that Togg will be available in Germany in early 2025. Togg currently has around 30,000 T10X models on the road and is a leader in the electric vehicle sector. It is also the current market leader in the SUV category.

Turkey’s Future Plans in Battery Production

Turkey is expected to become an important center for battery production worldwide in the coming periods. The Minister emphasized that Togg will also take important steps to increase its autonomous driving and artificial intelligence capacity.

Fastback T10F Model Will Also Be Available

Togg goes on sale in Germany in 2025

The new fastback T10F will be on display in Las Vegas alongside the T10X, and both models will go on sale in Germany on the same dates. In Turkey, the sales date of the T10F model has not yet been announced. Minister Kacır stated that the use of Togg will be increased in the public sector and that the Ministry will lead this process.

These strategic moves will consolidate Togg’s position in the global market and introduce Turkey’s innovative face in the automotive sector to the world.

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