Free snacks are not only a generous gesture for entertainment centers and bars, but also a profitable business strategy. Especially salty snacks, with their salt content, dry out our throat and increase our thirst. This leads customers to order more drinks. This significantly increases the profit margins of businesses.

The Synergy of Dried Nuts with Beverages

Another advantage of nuts such as peanuts is their synergy with beverages. Experts say that such snacks make drinks, especially beer, taste sweeter and less bitter. This ensures that the drink stays in the mouth longer and is therefore consumed more.

Storage Advantages of Dried Nuts

The storage conditions of nuts also provide great advantages for operators. These snacks have a long shelf life and are easy to store and odorless. This allows businesses to waste less and reduce costs compared to perishable foods.

Treats such as fried fish or pies, once common in places abroad, have gradually been replaced by these practical snacks due to their short shelf life and perishability.

Conclusion Customer Attraction and Spending Incentives

As a result, businesses’ strategy of offering free snacks is a smart way to attract customers and encourage them to spend more. These tactics not only increase the revenues of businesses, but also offer small pleasures to customers, strengthening their loyalty to the venues.

Source: Royal Society of Chemistry

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