Social media regulations in China have taken a new turn. The country’s internet regulatory body has closed the accounts of many social media influencers, accusing them of ‘promoting materialism‘. This decision particularly targeted celebrities who ostentatiously share their luxurious lifestyles and expensive assets.

Known as China’s Kim Kardashian, Wang Hong Quanxing, Sister Abalone, and Mr Bo are among the banned influencers.

Chinese Government Bans Influencers Who Make Luxurious Posts on Social Media

Wang Hong Quanxing, known as China’s Kim Kardashian, with millions of followers on TikTok’s Chinese version, is just one of the banned individuals. Similarly, influencers like ‘Sister Abalone‘ who tours luxury homes and ‘Mr Bo‘ who makes luxury-focused posts have also fallen under this ban.

A few years ago, the Chinese government announced that ‘exaggerated luxury‘ lifestyles could not be displayed on social media. At that time, no concrete prohibition was imposed. Now, however, decisions to ban such content are actively being implemented.

It is a matter of curiosity whether the scope of these bans will expand in the future and reach more social media users.

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