Apple, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024), introduced new software updates and technological innovations. This year’s highlight was the new artificial intelligence features developed for iPhones, and Apple Intelligence, which means the integration of ChatGPT with the iPhone operating system, will provide users with smarter and more personalized experiences.

Elon Musk’s Reaction and Security Concerns

However, this innovation caught the attention of the notable figure in the tech world, Elon Musk, and caused his reaction. Musk mentioned that Apple products could be banned in his companies, describing the ChatGPT integration as a security breach. This reaction of Musk appears to be a reflection of past disagreements with the management of OpenAI. The tension between Musk and OpenAI is one of the underlying reasons for Musk’s security concerns.

Apple has not yet responded to Musk’s harsh criticism. However, the company is not expected to shelve its Apple Intelligence technology. This situation shows Apple‘s determination to continue its innovative approach in the field of artificial intelligence. In the coming period, how users’ experiences will be shaped and how the tech giants will navigate security and privacy issues will be of interest.

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