The electric car industry is growing rapidly, and luxury car manufacturer Ferrari emerges as the last warrior of internal combustion engines. Ferrari’s Head of Product Marketing and Market Intelligence, Emanuele Carando, stated in an interview with a magazine in Australia that they will continue to produce the 6.5-liter V-12 engines until they are banned. Carando mentioned that the production of these engines will end with legal restrictions, but for now, the atmospheric V-12s will continue.

Ferrari’s New Model 12Clindri and Engine Capacity

Ferrari Said It Will Produce V-12 Internal Combustion Engines Until They Are Banned

Ferrari’s new model 12Clindri will use these massive engines that can rev up to 9,500 rpm in both Coupe and Spider versions, and also have the capacity to reach 10,000 rpm. The head of the engine program, Ruggero Cevolani, explained that the reason for setting a 10,000 rpm limit is to create a constant sensation of acceleration.

Ferrari Said It Will Produce V-12 Internal Combustion Engines Until They Are Banned

Cevolani also emphasized that Ferrari is originally an engineering company and highlighted the importance of surpassing a significant barrier like 10,000 rpm in the industry. While some past Ferrari executives had stated that V-8 engines were superior in terms of performance, the company is now also planning to reduce the number of internal combustion engines in the future and expand its product range with electric models. Ferrari’s first fully electric model will be on the roads next year. These steps show how Ferrari maintains a balance between adhering to tradition and keeping up with modern technology in the automotive world.

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