Tech giant Huawei has teamed up with Chinese automakers CATL and Changan to introduce a new SUV model, the Avatr 07. The vehicle is positioned as a direct competitor to Tesla’s popular Model Y. In terms of design, the Avatr 07 has similar minimalist lines to the Tesla Model Y. The vehicle stands out with its slim LED headlights and door handles embedded in the body. It also offers a modern look with its camera-shaped side mirrors.

Dimensions and Internal Volume of the Avatr 07

Huawei Unveils New SUV Model Avatr 07: New Competitor to Tesla

Avatr 07 is 4.83 meters long, 1.98 meters wide and 1.62 meters high. Slightly larger than the Tesla Model Y with these dimensions, the Avatr 07 promises passengers a comfortable living space with its large interior volume. However, interior design details have not yet been revealed.

Avatr 07’s Hybrid System and Range

Huawei Unveils New SUV Model Avatr 07: New Competitor to Tesla

Another prominent feature is that the Avatr 07 works with a hybrid system. The vehicle generates electricity using a gasoline generator, which feeds its engine. This system enables the vehicle to offer a range of 700 kilometers. The company has also indicated that an all-electric model will be launched in the future.

Price and Release Date of Avatr 07

The starting price of Avatr 07, which will go on sale in the Chinese market as of the third quarter of 2024, is set at 34,600 dollars. This price is lower than the starting price of the Tesla Model Y in the US, making the Avatr 07 a competitive alternative. You can find more information about the car market and prices in Turkey on our website.

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