Dyson continues to impress consumers. At its latest event, the company unveiled its first mop model, the Wash G1. This new product is a novelty in Dyson’s range of cleaning appliances. Wash G1 is a mop without smart features but with advanced engineering. This device promises to make cleaning easier and offers users great comfort.

Wash G1 Highlights

Innovative Mop Model from Dyson: Wash G1

Highlights of the Wash G1 include continuously rotating microfiber mop tips and a clean water pumping system. Thanks to these features, the mop does not pick up dirt from one place and carry it to other places, thus providing a more effective cleaning. The water and waste containers have to be cleaned manually, but the mop tips have an automatic cleaning function.

Dyson Wash G1’s Lifetime

Innovative Mop Model from Dyson: Wash G1

Dyson promises up to 35 minutes of continuous use with the Wash G1 and can clean 288 square meters with a full water tank. This new mat model will be available in the fall with a price tag of $699.99. It is not yet certain when it will come to the Turkish market.

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