Computer games have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. However, scientific research shows that these activities are not limited to recreational purposes, but can also provide therapeutic advantages against modern problems such as work stress. Published in the journal Applied Psychology, ‘ Recovery From Work By Playing Video Games ‘, which looks in detail at the impact of gaming on post-work relaxation.

Scope of the Study and Participant Profile

Is It Possible to Relieve Work Stress with Video Games?

The research involved 65 participants from 19 different countries, mostly from the Netherlands, the United States, Germany and China. While 83% of the participants were male, the average age was 25.46 years. 73% of these respondents work full-time, and their average weekly working time is 37.15 hours, while their average daily gaming time is 3.47 hours. Throughout the study, participants were sent questionnaires at the beginning and end of their workday to assess the amount of time they spent playing games, as well as factors such as psychological distancing and mastery experiences.

Evening Players Feel Rested

Is It Possible to Relieve Work Stress with Video Games?

The findings show that people who play games in the evening are more likely to feel more relaxed and rested the next day, which contributes to a greater distraction from work stress. Also, the greater the mastery of the game, the more likely one is to feel more energized the next morning. This suggests that games not only provide a mental escape, but can also positively affect individuals’ energy levels and general well-being.

Types and Effects of Passion for Play

Is It Possible to Relieve Work Stress with Video Games?

The study also examined the type of passion for gaming. Harmonious passion indicates that the individual genuinely enjoys the games and that the activity is autonomously internalized, while obsessive passion describes situations in which the individual feels an internal pressure to play the games. The results indicate that harmonious passion is among the factors that positively influence play times and mastery experiences.

As a result, it was concluded that computer games can be an effective tool for relaxation after work when used correctly and that the passion for playing games can increase the effectiveness in this process. In particular, the passion for adaptive play can play an important role in the stress management of individuals by making a more positive contribution in this process.

Source: Applied Psychology

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