South Korea-based technology company LG has announced a new display technology for its state-of-the-art smartwatches. The new display utilizes OLEDoS technology to produce 3D holographic images. This is a technology used especially in augmented reality and virtual reality devices. LG’s new display looks set to shape the future of smartwatches and promises to offer consumers a completely different visual experience.

Display Technology Highlights

LG Unveils New Smartwatch Display with 3D Viewing

The most striking feature of the screen is that the 3D images it creates are not perceivable by the environment, thus protecting user privacy. LG hasn’t given any precise information on when this new display will be released, but early experiences by tech editors have been positive. While this innovation introduced by LG offers an extraordinary experience to users, it also marks a new era in smartwatch technology. Although the company has not yet announced the launch date of this new product, it has created great anticipation in the technology world.

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