US-based technology giant Microsoft took an important decision in the video game industry and locked the doors of some major game studios. With this decision, Tango Gameworks studio, developer of popular games such as Hi-Fi RUSH, has also ceased operations. The decision was interestingly announced by Matt Booty, a Microsoft executive! Booty has previously emphasized the need for games like Hi-Fi RUSH. This contradictory situation has caused confusion within Microsoft.

Hi-Fi RUSH Receives a Shower of Positive Ratings

Microsoft Closes Hi-Fi RUSH Studio, Draws Backlash from Gamers

The closure has caused great disappointment, especially among fans of Hi-Fi RUSH. On the game’s Steam page, gamers have expressed their feelings in an intense way. The comments led to the game being labeled as‘Extremely Positive‘. Hi-Fi RUSH was also popular when it was first published, but the number of reviews has dropped recently. Following Microsoft’s decision to close the studio, interest in the game and reviews have been on the rise again. As of May 10th, the game has more than 1,000 positive reviews.

Sony had a similar reaction to Helldivers 2

In the video game industry, companies sometimes make decisions that players may not like. Last week, for example, Sony backtracked on its decision to make a PSN account mandatory for Helldivers 2 after a backlash from gamers. Now the eyes are turned to Microsoft; let’s see if Microsoft will respond to the players’ reactions in a similar way, or will it insist on its decision? This situation continues to have important repercussions in the gaming world.

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