Google, at the I/O developer conference held in May, made a series of new announcements. One of the most striking announcements was the ‘Theft Detection Lock‘ feature, which will be available with the Android 15 operating system.

Theft Detection Lock Feature

New Feature from Google: Theft Detection Lock

Using artificial intelligence technologies to increase device security against theft cases, this feature is currently being tested in Brazil. Brazil, frequently experiencing snatch-and-grab and smartphone thefts, has been chosen as a special region for these tests. For now, feedback from these tests conducted only in this country will contribute to the further development of the feature.

Theft Detection Lock automatically locks the device when it detects unusual movements, such as the phone being suddenly seized, thereby blocking the thief’s access. It can also detect situations where the phone is being used on a different network.

Google will carefully examine feedback from Brazil to enhance the effectiveness of this feature and reduce theft incidents. Developments are important for the future of users and security technologies.

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