Over the past years, tech giants Apple and Microsoft have been fiercely competing to be the world’s largest company. However, now NVIDIA has also entered the race with significant advancements in artificial intelligence. NVIDIA’s shares increased by 5% at the last close, reaching $1,224.40, which boosted the company’s market value to $3.014 trillion. With this value, NVIDIA surpassed Apple to take the second place.

Microsoft continues to hold its top position; its shares rose to $422.75, bringing the company’s value to $3.09 trillion. NVIDIA’s rapid rise was aided by its developments in the field of artificial intelligence, garnering support from major technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta. Particularly with the launch of ChatGPT, NVIDIA’s value saw a significant jump. Compared to a year ago, the company’s value increased by 156%, solidifying its leading role in artificial intelligence technologies.

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