Since the major meteorite events that caused the extinction of dinosaurs, scientists have always been on alert for celestial bodies of similar size approaching Earth. And this time, the situation offers unique opportunities for observation. According to the European Space Agency, two asteroids passing close to Earth soon do not pose any collision risk.

Asteroid (415029) 2011 UL21: Massive Asteroid Making a Close Pass to Earth

Planet Killer Asteroids Approaching Earth, But No Danger

The first of these asteroids, Asteroid (415029) 2011 UL21, has a diameter of approximately 2.25 kilometers, placing it in the ‘planet killer’ category. While the passage of such large asteroids is usually watched with concern, it is currently stated that they pose no danger. This giant asteroid will silently glide past Earth at a distance of about 6.6 million kilometers, offering a visual spectacle through telescopes.

Small But Dazzling: Asteroid 2024 MK

Planet Killer Asteroids Approaching Earth, But No Danger

The second asteroid, Asteroid 2024 MK, is much smaller in size; approximately 260 meters in diameter. It will appear very bright in the sky and will pass at about 300,000 kilometers away, which is 77% of the distance between Earth and the Moon. This passage will be a wonderful celestial event for observers, and will be broadcast live by The Virtual Telescope Project. The broadcast can be accessed online, and asteroid enthusiasts will have the opportunity to watch this rare event live.

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