Samsung, as a pioneer in the technology world, continues to take bold steps in the field of artificial intelligence. The South Korea-based tech giant gathers its artificial intelligence features under the name ‘Galaxy AI‘, which are currently available for free on all supported devices. However, according to recent announcements by the company, this will continue until the end of 2025.

Galaxy AI Features May Become Paid After 2025

Samsung Announces "Galaxy AI" Artificial Intelligence Features Will Be Free Until The End of 2025

Samsung announced the creation of special areas called ‘Galaxy Experience Spaces’ to spread the use of its artificial intelligence features to a broader audience. These spaces will allow users to experience the Galaxy AI features. However, statements at the bottom of the company’s blog post indicate that some artificial intelligence features might become paid in the future.

By 2026, it is indicated that some of Samsung’s artificial intelligence features might become paid. Currently, there is no definite information about which features will be paid or how the pricing will be. However, leaks from the company suggest that more advanced features might be offered through a subscription system under the name ‘Galaxy AI+‘.

Galaxy AI offers users a variety of different and useful artificial intelligence features such as summarizing web pages and advanced photo editing. How these features will be utilized in the future is a matter of curiosity. Samsung will share more information about this towards the end of 2025.

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