European Commission has signed off on a significant increase in visa fees for the Schengen Area. Following the last update in 2020, the new regulation has increased the visa fees by 12% for adults and children aged 6-12.

Visa Fees are 45 Euros for Children, 90 Euros for Adults

Schengen Visa Fees Have Increased: New Tariffs in Effect

Now, obtaining a Schengen visa for adults will cost 90 euros, while for children it is set at 45 euros. For applicants from outside the European Union, the fees vary between 135 and 180 euros depending on the region they reside in.

On the other hand, the fee for extending a Schengen visa has not changed and remains at 30 euros. This increase is seen as part of the European Commission’s efforts to balance economic conditions in the region.

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