The newly discovered planet Gliese 12 b has characteristics quite similar to Earth. This planet is located 40 light-years from Earth and is similar in size to Earth but slightly smaller. Orbiting a cold red dwarf star, Gliese 12 b structurally resembles Venus. The surface temperature of the planet is only 10 degrees Celsius warmer than Earth’s. Additionally, a year on Gliese 12 b is equivalent to 12.8 Earth days, indicating that the planet is in a very close orbit to its star and rotates quickly. Scientists note that this planet receives 1.6 times more energy from its sun than Earth does from the Sun. It is not yet known whether Gliese 12 b has an atmosphere. If Gliese 12 b has a water-rich atmosphere, this planet could potentially be a new habitat for humanity in the future.

A Hot Planet This Close to Earth Discovered for the First Time

Scientists Discover New Planet Similar to Earth: Gliese 12 b

Thomas Wilson, who was involved in the discovery of the planet, stated that Gliese 12 b is a rare planet and that such planets are usually much farther from Earth. Gliese 12 b is drawing attention in the scientific community as a hot planet close to Earth.

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