YouTube, despite being a platform chosen by millions of users as a music and video watching platform, has long lacked some basic features. The ‘sleep timer‘ feature, found in other major music services like Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify, was among the most requested features by YouTube’s users. According to information that emerged today, YouTube is taking action to address this deficiency. According to a report by Android Authority, a series of tests conducted on YouTube’s Android app show that the sleep timer feature will soon be added to the platform.

Videos Will Automatically Stop When Timer is Active

The Awaited Sleep Timer Feature is Coming to YouTube

This feature will automatically stop the videos at the end of the set duration, thus providing great convenience especially for users who enjoy listening to music or watching videos throughout the night. Users will be able to set their desired duration and can change it during watching if they wish. It is not yet clear whether this feature will be integrated at the ends of videos.

This innovative step by YouTube is considered an important development towards improving user experience and is seen as a positive step in addressing the deficiencies on the platform. The exact date when the feature will be officially available is still uncertain, but it is eagerly awaited by users.

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