Rockstar Games, which has been on the market for over a decade, ranks among the best-selling games in history with GTA 5. The game has achieved great success by reaching over 200 million sales. However, despite this success, no story-focused expansion pack (DLC) was ever released for GTA 5. Today, some details about the canceled Trevor-focused DLC have emerged.

Trevor Themed DLC Canceled Due to the Overwhelming Success of GTA Online

The Canceled Trevor-Focused DLC for GTA 5

In an interview with former Rockstar developer Joseph Rubino, it was mentioned that a DLC focusing on the character Trevor was in development but was never completed. According to Rubino, the reason for the cancellation of this DLC was the unexpected and substantial success of GTA Online, which generated a lot of revenue. Rubino said, ‘GTA Online became such a significant source of income upon its release that it was unimaginable for another DLC to compete with this success.’

Rubino provided more information about the canceled DLC and explained that the development of the DLC was shelved midway. The story-focused pack, which would have featured Trevor in some kind of secret agent role, unfortunately never saw the light of day. However, he mentioned that some of the features planned for the DLC were incorporated into GTA Online. Rubino stated that they had the capacity to develop both projects, but this decision was a strategic business decision. He also added that he found the situation somewhat regrettable.

Ultimately, the success of GTA 5 and the financial advantages brought by GTA Online led to the end of another potentially successful project. This is an example of the tough decisions and strategies made in the gaming industry.

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