Video games are preferred by millions of people for both entertainment and social interaction. Steam in particular is one of the most used digital gaming platforms by gamers worldwide. What are the most played games of all time on Steam? Here are the games ranked according to the number of instant and current players:

1. PUBG: Battlegrounds

One of the pioneers of the battle royale genre, PUBG was developed by Krafton and released in 2017. The game holds the all-time record for the highest number of players with 3,257,248 and currently has 638,156 players.

2. Palworld

This open world survival game filled with Pokemon-like creatures. It was developed by Pocketpair and quickly became a huge success, reaching 2,101,867 players.

3. Counter-Strike 2

This legendary FPS game was developed by Valve and enters the list in third place with 1,818,773 instant players. Current player count is 1,486,955.

4. Lost Ark

Developed by Smilegate RPG, this massively multiplayer RPG ranks fourth with a record 1,325,305 players.

5. DOTA 2

Released in 2013, this MOBA from Valve is in fifth place with 1,295,114 instant players.

6. Cyberpunk 2077

Developed by CD Projekt Red, this open-world RPG is in sixth place with a record player count of 1,054,388. Despite initial criticism, the game has improved with updates.

7. Elden Ring

Developed by FromSoftware, this open-world RPG is ranked seventh with 953,426 instant players. The game won many awards when it was released in 2022.

8. New World

Developed by Amazon Games, this massively multiplayer RPG is in eighth place with 913,634 players.

9. Hogwarts Legacy

Set in the Harry Potter universe, this RPG is developed by Avalanche Software and ranks ninth with 879,308 players.

10. Baldur’s Gate 3

Developed by Larian Studios, this story-based RPG is in tenth place with 875,343 players. The game won many awards the year it was released.

These games offer players unforgettable experiences where technology and creativity meet. Each of them brings innovations in their own genres, reaching a wide audience and gaining the appreciation of players. Both instant and current player numbers clearly show how popular and preferred these games are.

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