Ubisoft’s long-developed and highly anticipated FPS game XDefiant was launched yesterday. The game was positioned as an alternative to Call of Dutyin the multiplayer arena shooter genre. But on launch day, players encountered a number of technical issues. The game launched at 20.00 GMT and many users experienced problems such as not being able to connect to the servers and long waiting times.

Ubisoft Trying to Fix the Problem

Feedback on social media highlighted technical glitches such as‘matching errors‘ and similar technical issues. Ubisoft has announced that it is aware of the issues and is working on a solution. In statements made by the company’s official X account and game producer Mark Rubin, they stated that they are focusing on server and matchmaking problems.

The situation improved within a few hours, but it is still not clear whether the problems have been fully resolved. Intense problems in the first hours caused frustration for some players. Although such server problems are common in online multiplayer games, for a game like XDefiant, which was released with great expectations, this situation was criticized from the first day. Ubisoft is in constant communication with the player community to mitigate issues and improve the game experience.

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