The strong rays of the sun can pose a serious threat especially to young and thin-barked trees. These trees’ barks can easily get damaged when exposed to the sun’s hot rays. To prevent this damage, white paint is used to protect the tree trunks. This method prevents the tree barks from overheating, thereby minimizing sunburns and related damages. White paint reflects the sun’s rays, preventing the bark from overheating excessively, and thus allows the tree to grow healthier.

The Importance of White Paint and Expert Opinions

Why Are Tree Roots Painted White?

Christopher Evans, a Forestry and Research Expert from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, notes that this method is particularly preferred in sensitive areas such as newly planted young trees and fruit orchards. However, every good practice comes at a cost. White paint can interfere with the natural cycle of trees, increasing the circulation of some harmful cells within the tree. This can lead to a decline in the tree’s overall productivity.

Application and Balancing Recommendations

Why Are Tree Roots Painted White?

Therefore, careful attention should be paid to the application and sustainability of this method. A proper balance between fruit yield and tree health should be established to make the best use of the benefits of this protection method.

Source:  Bob Vila

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