Honey is a surprising and medicinal food provided by nature. Its composition does not spoil over time, known for its high acidity and low water content. The high acidity makes it difficult for microorganisms to survive in it.

The Sugar in Honey Causes Microorganisms to Die

Why Doesn't Honey Spoil?

The acids found in honey create an unfavorable environment for microorganisms and hinder their reproduction. On the other hand, the amount of water in honey is extremely low. This level is much below the moisture required for the proliferation of microorganisms. The high sugar content in honey also draws water from microorganisms, causing them to die and preventing their reproduction.

Honey Can Stay Fresh for Centuries

Thanks to these natural preservative properties, honey can maintain its freshness for centuries and offers many health benefits. The natural sugars and acids it contains make it a unique food source. Honey is also known for its natural antiseptic properties and is commonly used in folk medicine as a supportive treatment for many diseases.

Source:  BBC

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