Water-filled blisters, whether from burns or friction, are a common occurrence for many of us. These blisters protect the underlying skin with their sterile fluid and assist in the healing process. Popping the blister can increase the risk of infection and prolong the healing process. Therefore, allowing water-filled blisters to heal on their own is the healthiest approach.

These Blisters Heal Within About 3 Weeks

Why Shouldn't We Pop Water-Filled Blisters?

In the case of burn-induced water blisters, cold water can be applied, but using ice can damage the affected area because it reduces circulation. The ideal is to keep the blister area sterile and allow the natural healing process to complete over an average of three weeks.

Remember, for such health issues, consulting a health professional is always the right step for definitive solutions and advice.

Source:  Acibadem

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