The popular music and podcast listening platform Spotify has taken a significant step to enrich user experience. The platform has now implemented a new feature that allows users to comment on podcast content. This feature provides an opportunity for more interactive engagement with content while giving content creators the power to manage comments.

Content creators can like, reply to comments

You Can Now Comment on Podcasts on Spotify

Content owners can respond to, like, and decide which comments appear on their pages. This is seen as a development that will help content creators manage their communities more effectively and increase listener loyalty.

Spotify’s new move specifically aims to intensify its competition with YouTube. The platform had previously conducted video podcast tests and had a broad launch. Currently hosting over 250,000 video podcast contents, Spotify aims to further increase user attachment to podcast content with the comments feature.

The company indicates that such interactions quadruple the likelihood of users re-evaluating content. The new feature will be available to all users next month. These actions can be considered part of Spotify’s continuous effort to provide better alternatives for content creators and listeners.

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