Spotify is expanding its subscription options to meet the needs of music lovers. The company has announced a new subscription package named ‘Supremium‘ specifically for users demanding high sound quality. This new plan will be offered in the USA at a price 5 dollars higher than the current subscriptions and will provide users with a HiFi quality sound experience. The HiFi feature, announced in February 2021, allows users to choose their preferred sound quality and with this feature, Spotify reaches a level where it can compete with rivals like Amazon Music and Apple Music.

Features and User Experience Offered by Supremium

Spotify Releases 'Supremium' Plan for Users Wanting HiFi Quality Music Listening

Supremium will offer users not only high sound quality but also advanced tools for playlist and library management. With these new tools, users can create playlists suitable for specific activities and manage their music collections more effectively. The new plan will also be available to existing users, and anyone can switch to this package. At first, it seems that different pricing options will be offered compared to existing subscription plans. With Supremium, Spotify aims to significantly enhance the user experience and further personalize music listening habits.

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