Instagram has taken a significant step to ensure users’ safety by expanding the scope of the ‘limited interactions‘ feature. With this feature, users can prevent unwanted individuals from sending messages, tagging, or commenting. This feature especially protects users in cases of cyberbullying. Previously, this feature was only limited to new followers or those not following back. Now, it can be applied to a broader group of users, including those who have been followers for a long time.

Everyone Not Included in the Close Friends Group Can Be Restricted

You Can Now Limit All Users with "Limited Interactions" on Instagram

Instagram users can now restrict anyone not added to their close friends list. This allows users to interact only with their close circle. Users can choose which interactions will be limited on the page where they activate the feature.

You Can Now Limit All Users with "Limited Interactions" on Instagram

For example, with the ‘Most interactions‘ option, everyone outside the close friends can be prevented from sending messages, responding to stories, tagging, or leaving comments. The ‘Some interactions‘ option limits only certain interactions; for example, comments and messages are not displayed without user approval.

This feature was initially available only to content creators but has gradually been opened to all users. This expansion is proving to be an effective method in protecting against cyberbullying and malicious individuals. Users can avoid disturbing interactions without severing connections with others.

How to Use the Limited Interactions Feature?

You Can Now Limit All Users with "Limited Interactions" on Instagram
  1. Go to the Settings menu on Instagram.
  2. On the page that appears, click on the ‘Limited interactions’ option under ‘Interactions with others’.
  3. Determine which interactions will be limited, which users it will apply to, and when you want to be reminded.
  4. Press the ‘Open Limits’ button to activate this feature and start using it.

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