Apple‘s annual World Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 caught the attention of the tech world again this year. Especially at this event where iOS 18 and other new technologies were introduced, Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into iPhones stood out as a major innovation. However, this announcement led to comments that Apple had not developed its own AI, disappointing some investors.

Sharp Drop in Apple Stock Prices

Apple's New AI Features Cause a Drop in Its Stocks

During the announcement of the AI features, Apple’s stocks experienced a significant drop. The stock prices, which were at 195 dollars before the event, fell to 192.16 dollars following the announcement. However, the stocks partially recovered after the event, reaching 193.12 dollars.

This development raises questions about what strategy Apple will follow in the coming days and how it will maintain investor confidence. Whether the company will take more independent and innovative steps in the field of AI is a matter of curiosity. WWDC 2024 holds important clues for both technology enthusiasts and investors.

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