Electronic Arts has partnered with Dead Space, a standout in the sci-fi and horror game genres, for its popular combat game Battlefield 2042. This collaboration presents players with a special event called ‘Outbreak‘. The event, starting on July 9th, Tuesday, and lasting for a week, will transport players to a mysterious laboratory named Boreas. During the event, players will have the opportunity to combat an entirely new type of enemy.

The Outbreak event offers various rewards and new weapons

Exciting Collaboration Between Battlefield 2042 and Dead Space

The Outbreak event not only provides players with a new gameplay experience but also promises various rewards. As part of the event, players will have the chance to acquire a new weapon attachment, customizable player card backgrounds, and tags. Additionally, a special ‘Dead Space Pack‘ available for purchase with the in-game currency 2,200 BFC offers ‘Marked Man’ gear and three new weapon skins for players to enjoy. This pack will further customize players’ characters and weapons.

The event, concluding on July 16th, Tuesday, promises Battlefield 2042 players a completely unique experience. This collaboration brings together fans of both games, enhancing in-game interactions and excitement within the community. Electronic Arts continues to set new standards in the gaming world with such collaborations.

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