Youth is often considered the best time of life. Older people frequently say ‘Those were the days!’ emphasizing that young people should value this period. However, new research reveals that the happiest age in life is actually 36. This finding is supported by a survey conducted on 2000 people in America. Participants were asked to choose the age at which they felt happiest, and the results showed an interesting trend with ages 9, 23, and 36.

Age 36 is considered as the happiest age by people

Is 36 the Happiest Age? What Do Research Results Say?

According to the research results, 4 out of every 10 Americans stated that they would not want to return to their twenties. For these individuals, age 36 is considered a more appealing period of life. Researchers also mention that adulthood consists of two phases: ’emerging adulthood’ and ‘established adulthood.’ Emerging adulthood usually covers the age range of 18-25, a period where independence is newly gained but full adult responsibilities are not yet undertaken. During this stage, individuals explore their identities and shape their character.

The country you live in affects your happiness

Is 36 the Happiest Age? What Do Research Results Say?

On the other hand, the established adulthood period, which spans ages 30-45, comes with increasing responsibilities. This period can deeply impact a person due to the challenges faced and achievements made. Therefore, researchers define the happiest period in many people’s lives as age 36. Of course, these results can vary depending on the conditions of the country lived in and various social factors.

These findings remind us that youth years should not always be seen as the ‘golden age’ and that later periods of life can also offer valuable moments. What do you think about this? Which period of your life has been the happiest?

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