The tender process at Istanbul Park and the subsequent Formula 1 contract crisis have created significant uncertainty in the Turkish motorsports community. According to the latest statements by Intercity, the contract with Formula 1 has not yet been finalized. Intercity mentioned that according to the tender specifications, the contract necessary for the Formula 1 races should be completed within a month after signing the lease agreement. However, this process has not yet started, and the final signature date is stated to be June 6, 2024.

Latest Statement from Intercity

Can Holding, despite winning the tender last month, states that they were unable to enter the facility due to Intercity not vacating it, and therefore could not conduct the necessary negotiations with Formula 1 management. This situation is said to jeopardize the future of the Formula 1 stage in Turkey. Lale Cander, a partner from Can Holding and Chairman of the Board of Pirelli Turkey, emphasizes that Intercity must complete the eviction process as soon as possible.

The Future of Istanbul Park and Necessary Solution Proposals

Istanbul Park Tender and Formula 1 Crisis

This crisis endangers Istanbul Park’s capacity to host international automobile races and Turkey’s place in these major organizations. Economically, this situation is causing significant losses, and how it will unfold in the coming days is a matter of curiosity. All related parties are expected to find a common solution soon and take the necessary steps quickly for Istanbul Park to host world-class races again.

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