Microsoft recently announced significant changes to its AI-powered ‘Recall’ feature at an event due to security and privacy concerns. Originally designed to capture screenshots of users’ activities on their devices for easy access, this feature caused serious privacy concerns and, following user feedback, Microsoft decided to make the feature off by default.

Recall Feature Made Optional

Microsoft Steps Back on Recall Feature Due to Security Concerns

Initially, the Recall feature was expected to be enabled by default in the Copilot+ PC series to be launched on June 18. However, following the detection of security vulnerabilities and user reactions, Microsoft abandoned this plan. Users can activate the Recall feature if they wish. Additionally, to use the feature, identity verification methods such as facial recognition, fingerprint, or PIN via Windows Hello will be required.

Microsoft Steps Back on Recall Feature Due to Security Concerns

Microsoft executive Pavan Davuluri said regarding the changes, ‘If users do not actively want to use it, the feature will be off by default. For those who wish to activate Recall, strong identity verification methods will be required.’ These changes have been made to further protect users’ data. Identity verification will also be required to view activities recorded by Recall, which will prevent others from accessing the data.

Microsoft‘s new approach is seen as a step towards giving greater importance to users’ privacy rights. Whether the security issues of the Recall feature have been completely resolved will be understood once it is made available.

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