Our shoe laces are exposed to various forces through the movements of our constantly moving feet while walking or running. These movements apply different pulling and loosening forces on the laces. This particularly triggers unties at the knot point and increases the likelihood of untying with each step.

Why Do Laces Come Untied?

Another factor affecting the untying of laces is how the knot is tied. Generally, there are two common types of knots; square knot and slippery knot. While the square knot is more secure and durable, the slippery knot is often used unconsciously and tends to come untied more easily.

Reasons Why Shoe Laces Frequently Come Untied

Which Lace Materials Are More Durable?

Lace materials also play a significant role. Laces made from materials with high friction forces like cotton and leather come untied less often, whereas slick synthetic materials like nylon or polyester tend to untie more quickly.

So What is the Solution?

Solution could be learning to tie a square knot as a first step. Additionally, paying attention to material selection or using accessories that increase friction can help reduce the problem of unties. As a last resort, switching to a different type of lace could also be an effective solution. Now enjoy more delightful and problem-free walks!

Source: The New York Times, Forbes

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