Last week Apple unveiled the iPad Pro with a new M4 chip and OLED display introduced. The advertisement that followed the launch showed products ranging from record players and pianos to games and sculptures being crushed by a pressing machine. The aim of the ad was to emphasize both the thinness and versatility of the iPad Pro. However, the image was perceived by many as undermining cultural values and belittling creativity. Apple was forced to apologize for the ad, which soon sparked a global backlash, and the ad was pulled from television explained.

Samsung Trolling Video

Samsung was quick to turn this situation in its favor. The South Korean tech giant exposed Apple’s mistake with a critical ad. Samsung’s new ad shows a person approaching a smashed guitar. This person picks up the guitar and starts playing a song and follows the lyrics on the Samsung Tab S9 screen. The ad ends with the phrase ‘Creativity cannot be crushed’, a reference to Apple. The company shared this video with a message emphasizing that they never crush creativity.

Samsung’s ad takes a humorous approach to criticism that Apple is hurting creativity. Some viewers, however, have pointed out that Samsung is not being very creative with this kind of video. The mention of ‘Galaxy AI‘ with artificial intelligence features at the end of the video may be a bit at odds with the message of creativity. But overall, it can be said that Samsung is targeting its rival with this entertaining ad.

The iPad Pro Ad Apple Had To Apologize For

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