Sony, after a long anticipation, is finally about to make a move. It has been claimed that many popular games from the PlayStation 3 era will be adapted for Sony’s new generation console, the PlayYstation 5. However, it is indicated that not all games will be updated in this process, only selected titles will be chosen. It is not yet clear which games will make this transition.

The adaptation of PlayStation 3 games is expected to be announced along with the PlayStation 5 Pro

Sony May Bring PS3 Games to PS5

The legendary games of PlayStation 3 will come to life again with the new generation console, PlayStation 5. However, there has been no official statement from Sony regarding whether the original formats of the games will be preserved or if there will be graphic improvements. According to information from the technology world, Sony plans to introduce the PlayStation 5 Pro model and compatible PS3 games at an event towards the end of the year.

This development is seen as part of Sony’s strategy to increase its competitiveness in the game console market and enrich user experience. We eagerly await official announcements from Sony in the coming months, and details on which games will be selected.

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